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TC rear axle oil leak

To: "mg" <>
Subject: TC rear axle oil leak
From: "Tim Newton" <>
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2004 22:58:15 +1000
To all those who have conquered the dreaded rear axle oil leak, I want your
This problem is driving me mad, apart from a set of new brake shoes now
rendered useless.
A month ago I had the bearings replaced with sealed bearings, and new oil
seals. One wheel is fine, but the other is still leaking. It appears to be
leaking from the inside of the hub, although the grease nipples have been
removed and permanently closed off. Why would it be leaking from inside the
hub, as there appears no evidence of oil seepage from any where else?
The axle is not bent and the (Hypoid) oil level not over full.
Any suggestions that will help from the list will save my sanity!

Tim Newton
TC 9356

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