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Water Pumps

To: mg-t <>
Subject: Water Pumps
From: Bud Krueger <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2004 21:46:18 -0400
I just went through a TD water pump situation that I fell I should share 
with the rest of you.  A couple of years ago, when doing a total engine 
rebuild, I opted to have my water pump modified by Phil Marino (see 2/98 
TSO, page 27) with the inclusion of a tapered shaft.  Last week I had a 
failure of one of the bearings in the pump.  I was really pushed for 
time so I had Moss Motors send me a new pump via UPS Overnight.  When I 
went to install it I finally remembered that Phil also cuts the taper 
into the pulley.  This makes the pulley unusable with a stock water pump.

Only solution was to rebuild the modified pump.  Let me keep the story 
short by simply saying that it took a machine shop about three hours to 
disassemble the modified pump.  The rolled pin that attaches the 
impeller to the shaft was virtually impossible to remove.  The impeller 
had to be destroyed in order to remove the pin  Fortunately, I had an 
old pump with a good impeller.

IMHO, if you're doing any serious motoring and have a Phil Marino 
modified pump, I'd suggest that carry a stock pulley along with you in 
case you need to replace the pump on the road.  Or, remove your pump and 
make certain that the rolled pin attaching the impeller to the shaft can 
be removed with ordinary tools.  The bearings are available from 
virtually any bearing supply house, but the seal is non-generic.

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