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Re: regulator driving me crazy

To: Mike Duvall <>
Subject: Re: regulator driving me crazy
From: Gerald Felper <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 08:42:43 -0700
The car will not run without the battery unless the generator is putting 
out enough to support the current draw. This would take at least 1500 
RPM. Generators do not supply current at low RPMs. Alternators do. The 
regulator open connect shouls close when the generator is putting out 
12.7 to 13.3VDC. The closed contact, regulator, should open at 15.5VDC 
at 750F.

Mike Duvall wrote:

>I'm trying to troubleshoot a problem on my TD electrical system. I have
>consulted all the FAQ, several good emails, consulted the manuals and an old
>Peterson's book on how they work (and considered sending the regulator off
>to a pro). BUT I am confused about a few things.
>I don't think my battery is charging and if I disconnect the battery the car
>dies. When I flip on the headlamps, I get a -10 amp discharge.
>The cutoff contact seems to be working and connecting to the bat at 12.5 or
>so. The regulator side of the VR is what is confusing. I can adjust the
>voltage at the D terminal to 15.5 (or whatever). But I not sure I getting
>the proper amperage. I do have an adjustment that lets me tighten up the
>contact points on the regulator side. I can watch the points arching so I
>know they are opening and closing. I have set these at .020  Is this
>correct? The manual pictures don't look like mine and everyone discusses the
>cutoff and voltage levels. Any insight?
>Thanks, Mike

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