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regulator driving me crazy

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Subject: regulator driving me crazy
From: Mike Duvall <>
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 18:03:55 -0500
I'm trying to troubleshoot a problem on my TD electrical system. I have
consulted all the FAQ, several good emails, consulted the manuals and an old
Peterson's book on how they work (and considered sending the regulator off
to a pro). BUT I am confused about a few things.

I don't think my battery is charging and if I disconnect the battery the car
dies. When I flip on the headlamps, I get a -10 amp discharge.

The cutoff contact seems to be working and connecting to the bat at 12.5 or
so. The regulator side of the VR is what is confusing. I can adjust the
voltage at the D terminal to 15.5 (or whatever). But I not sure I getting
the proper amperage. I do have an adjustment that lets me tighten up the
contact points on the regulator side. I can watch the points arching so I
know they are opening and closing. I have set these at .020  Is this
correct? The manual pictures don't look like mine and everyone discusses the
cutoff and voltage levels. Any insight?

Thanks, Mike

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