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Some export markets had different electrical or fusing requirements and this required different looms to be fittted. However, certain markets had only minimal electrical divergences which could be accommodated in a generic LHD loom. This wire going nowhere would identified in the wiring diagrams for the markets where the extra bits would be used and appear in the vehicle handbook and shop manuals relevant to those markets. For places where it wasn’t used, it’s identified bhut has no purpose.


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> The AAW wiring diagrams for the TR2/3/3A/3B turn signal lights show a green/brown wire branching off from a connector, but going no where. It is just terminated by a connector. This seems a bit strange in that “why would you run a wire somewhere, to do nothing, and then have to terminate it?” Any idea why this was done?
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> Thanks in advance for your thoughts, opinions, and guesses.
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