[TR] TR3 Wiring Question

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Andrew, Michael, David and Frank, thanks for your insights.




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Green / brown is simply a live ignition wire.  If I recall correctly (I could go and look at my cars, but it is raining outside and they are in the barn 😊) the green / brown on the drivers side connects with the same wire which runs from the control head through the stator tube and comes out the bottom of the steering box.  The wire you describe would be the corresponding wire for a RHD car.  As Dave correctly points out, there is redundancy also in some of the other wires.


Andrew Uprichard

Jackson, Michigan


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As I recall, that wire isn't the only one that ends in 

nowhere.... There are one or two others, as well....




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The AAW wiring diagrams for the TR2/3/3A/3B turn signal lights show a green/brown wire branching off from a connector, but going no where. It is just terminated by a connector. This seems a bit strange in that “why would you run a wire somewhere, to do nothing, and then have to terminate it?” Any idea why this was done?


Thanks in advance for your thoughts, opinions, and guesses.



Keith Stewart

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