[TR] Summary of feedback re: donut tire for TR3A

Dave MacKay dave at mdmackay.ca
Mon Nov 23 08:47:17 MST 2020


Last week, I asked about using a smaller spare tire for my TR3A. I can
barely force my 165/80R15 spare in, and was wondering about using a modern
“donut”(space saver) spare. I received feedback and suggestions from a
number of list members. I’ll summarize the responses here, in case it might
be useful for others.

Although Triumph used a common bolt pattern --- 4 x 4.5" (114.3mm) --- its
rims had an uncommon offset (near zero). Modern cars tend to have lots of
positive offset. Because of the difference in offset, many replacement rims
will foul the front brake caliper. That means that the replacement rim
could only be used on the back; a flat on a front tire would require
putting the spare on the rear and moving the rear wheel to the front. The
alternative would be to keep a spacer with the spare so that it could be
used on the front if needed.

Bob Danielson’s web site deals with the same issue for TR6s:
http://tr6.danielsonfamily.org/SpaceSaverSpare.htm  Bob uses a T125x70D15
 donut that came from a 1990 - 1997 Honda Accord Wagon. Bob cautioned that
he needed a ¼” spacer and different lug nuts. Apparently the same size
wheels were used on:

   - Honda: Accord EX, LX, Wagon 90-97; Accord 98 - 02, Prelude 92 - 96; EV
   Mini-van 97-on
   - Infiniti M30 90 – 92
   - Nissan: Altima 93-01, Maxima 85-88, 200SX & Turbo 84-88; 240SX 89-96
   - Acura: Legend 86-90; TL 2.5 95-on; Vigor 91-93
   - Volvo: 40 series 98-03

The recommendation that I found most appealing was simply to use a use a
smaller tire on standard TR rims. The contributor wasn’t sure, but thought
he was using a 145/65R15 tire.

I was cautioned that an odd-sized spare should not be used any longer than
absolutely necessary. Running an odd-sized wheel on the rear will stress
the differential; running an odd-sized wheel on the front will affect
steering and braking.


Dave MacKay

1960 TR3A s/n 68639L

near Toronto, Canada
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