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Dan Masters was as good a person as he was an electrical engineer (for TVA). When he and Fred Thomas came to my house for a get together before VTR2001 I was so awestruck by these two legends of Triumph World that I took a picture of the oil spot patterns their cars left in my drive way. Dan’s TR6 and Fred’s TR3. Both immaculate cars but being TRs they leaked something somewhere just like ours.

One of my favorite passages from Dan’s book is where he says a voltmeter could fall off the car and the battery would never know it, classic. I’ve used that book (he autographed it for me) many many times and just not for Triumphs.


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> Amen to that!  I have used it extensively as I upgrade my TR6.  Love the electric fuel pump inertia switch and warning buzzer wiring diagram for that upgrade!  Best repair book for my 6 I have ever used.  Dan should be in the Triumph Hall of Fame for writing it!
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> A great big thankyou to Dan Masters!  I bought Dan’s Electrical Maintenance Handbook years ago and have had it sitting on the book-shelf unused for all that time.  An electrical “gremlin” appeared in my ‘6 recently and I had to resort to Dan’s manual for help.  Let me say it was the best purchase I’ve made for my Triumphs!  Clear and concise diagrams made it so easy to use (and trace my fault).  Thanks Dan.
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