[TR] Flat Towing a TR6

dave dave at ranteer.com
Sun Nov 22 19:50:59 MST 2020

Don't do it unless you disconnect the driveshaft.   When the engine is running,  the transmission layshaft is also running,  and throwing oil all over everything.   If you doubt me, take the cover off your transmission and start your engine.  There will be oil everywhere.   I've done it.   Without the engine running,  the oil is not flowing.  But if you are flat towing the car, the transmission gears are moving.  Without lubrication.   It's ok for 50 or 100 miles.   Maybe.   But if you are taking a trip,  you are going to destroy the tran.  Don't do it. 
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Anybody ever successfully flat towed an overdrive TR6 behind a motorhome?  If the overdrive is an issue, how about a non-overdrive? I'm talking driveshaft attached. Asking for a friend of course...

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