[TR] Gasket sealant for sump

Mark J Bradakis mark at bradakis.com
Sun Mar 29 07:06:23 MDT 2020

I've not turned a wrench for quite some time, so not sure of the stuff I 
will recommend is still made or has been replaced by newer 
formulations.  I started using Permatex The Right Stuff as sump and 
valve cover 'gaskets' that sealed well and were reusable.

First off, spend some time making sure the block mating surface is 
FLAT.  Usually people overtighten the pan bolts, and the flange warps 
around the bolt hole, leaving little dimples like   ___/ \___   I use an 
auto body hammer to tap these down, hitting against a piece of steel rod 
with a flat end. Easy enough to make one of a proper size if you have a 
lathe in your garage and know how to use it.  Otherwise a file taken to 
the end of an appropriate sized bolt will suffice as a suitable anvil.  
An awkward and time consuming procedure, but if done right it only needs 
to be done once during the time you own the car.  And don't overtighten 
the bolts!  This is a case where more is NOT better. If it leaks and you 
tighten the bolts more it will leak even worse.

Once the mating surface is flat and clean, do as Paul T. described with 
the appropriate goo.


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