[TR] Gasket sealant for sump

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 That's a good point.  It is likely due to over-torquing the bolts.  The stamped steel oil pans deform easily and torquing the bolts too much will pinch the gasket to the point that it will tear.  Do the Alpha's have cast sumps?  Cast sumps do a much better job of distributing the pressure across the length of the span between bolts.  They are much more tolerant of this sort of misapplication.  

If the gasket it adhered to one surface or the other (either the block or the pan) it will be reinforced and much less likely to fail in this manner.  Using Ultra Gray and my two-step tightening procedure should do the trick as would using Form-A-Gasket #2 on one side and the two-step procedure again.

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Today I had a massive failure installing the sump gasket using Hylotyte Red100 sealant. It seems to have weakened the gasket to the point that it tore around several bolt holes as I torqued the bolts. 

This doesn't sound like a sealant problem...  It's made to be a gasket dressing.  How could it weaken a gasket, especially a stout one like a sump gasket? ** triumphs at autox.team.net **

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