[TR] TR4 ignition switch

Keith Stewart keithstewart at bell.net
Sat Mar 21 13:16:53 MDT 2020

Looks like a TR4 switch to me. The switch may be Lucas, but the lock is
Wilmot Breedon and the FP674 identifies the key/lock combination. There
should be a little spring post toward the bottom of the lock, that when
depressed will allow the lock to slide out of the switch body. Comments that
I might make on the problem have already been made by others so I will not
repeat them.


Keith Stewart

keithstewart at bell.net




From: dave <dave at ranteer.com> 
Sent: March 20, 2020 9:28 PM
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Subject: [TR] TR4 ignition switch


I'm not at all surprised - the ignition switch in my TR4 is not exactly
stock.  It might be a TR switch but ?????


Anyone recognize this switch?


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