[TR] TR4 ignition switch

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Dave, if you have an ammeter, try taking it out of the circuit – put both leads on the same stud or use a jumper. Seems strange that it would fail intermittently, but they have been known to fail.



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Finally was able to sit down and test the switch with my multi meter.  Looks like the ignition wire (i.e., power to the system) is where the problem is.


Fortunately that extra ignition switch was not expensive.  I don’t mind having a spare!


Now to track that wire and the problem!!


Thanks so much for everyone’s help.


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Scott Harper had one for $14 plus shipping, including keys.  It’s on the way.  In the mean time I’ll test the connectivity with the switch on the bench.  It was also suggested that I clean the terminals and use deoxit.  Did that no joy.  If the test show it is in fact good I’ll replace the female tangs.  But I doubt it!


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Contact Scott Harper @  Team Triumph 330-392-7176 Warren, Ohio. Best to call after 11 am. He may well have a good used switch and maybe the correct key number and or with keys.

The switch looks identical to the switch in my 4A.



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I’m not at all surprised – the ignition switch in my TR4 is not exactly stock.  It might be a TR switch but ?????


Anyone recognize this switch?


I took it out of the mounting today, and individually pulled off the connectors, cleaning what I could and spraying it with an electronic component cleaner.  Anyone seen a tool to clean the inside of those junction clips?  I can clean the tab but how to you clean the female version that is attached to the wires?


Here is what is happening – every now and then the car will get power when you turn the key, and start.  Mostly you get nothing, like a disconnected battery.  No power to anything.  So I’m thinking it’s the switch.  I would prefer to replace it with what ever the heck is in there now.  Note: the original owner had a parts store (FLAPS) and the car is full of non stock stuff, from the alternator to the electric fan, electric fuel pump, 10 fuse European fuse box, etc., etc., etc.  he installed backup lights out of a 65 pontiac, drilling holes in the trunk lid.  Yikes!


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