[TR] FW: TR4 ignition switch

dave dave at ranteer.com
Fri Mar 20 19:30:11 MDT 2020

Addendum: he obviously mated the front of a jaguar/mg switch to something .
. . .  that FP 674 is Lucas.  I don't think the back half is.  Anyone???


From: dave <dave at ranteer.com> 
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Subject: TR4 ignition switch


I'm not at all surprised - the ignition switch in my TR4 is not exactly
stock.  It might be a TR switch but ?????


Anyone recognize this switch?


I took it out of the mounting today, and individually pulled off the
connectors, cleaning what I could and spraying it with an electronic
component cleaner.  Anyone seen a tool to clean the inside of those junction
clips?  I can clean the tab but how to you clean the female version that is
attached to the wires?


Here is what is happening - every now and then the car will get power when
you turn the key, and start.  Mostly you get nothing, like a disconnected
battery.  No power to anything.  So I'm thinking it's the switch.  I would
prefer to replace it with what ever the heck is in there now.  Note: the
original owner had a parts store (FLAPS) and the car is full of non stock
stuff, from the alternator to the electric fan, electric fuel pump, 10 fuse
European fuse box, etc., etc., etc.  he installed backup lights out of a 65
pontiac, drilling holes in the trunk lid.  Yikes!

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