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Sujit Roy triumphstag at gmail.com
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classic mini ignition switch perhaps where the key was in the dash I think



On Fri, Mar 20, 2020 at 6:39 PM dave <dave at ranteer.com> wrote:

> Addendum: he obviously mated the front of a jaguar/mg switch to something
> . . . .  that FP 674 is Lucas.  I don’t think the back half is.  Anyone???
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> I’m not at all surprised – the ignition switch in my TR4 is not exactly
> stock.  It might be a TR switch but ?????
> Anyone recognize this switch?
> I took it out of the mounting today, and individually pulled off the
> connectors, cleaning what I could and spraying it with an electronic
> component cleaner.  Anyone seen a tool to clean the inside of those
> junction clips?  I can clean the tab but how to you clean the female
> version that is attached to the wires?
> Here is what is happening – every now and then the car will get power when
> you turn the key, and start.  Mostly you get nothing, like a disconnected
> battery.  No power to anything.  So I’m thinking it’s the switch.  I would
> prefer to replace it with what ever the heck is in there now.  Note: the
> original owner had a parts store (FLAPS) and the car is full of non stock
> stuff, from the alternator to the electric fan, electric fuel pump, 10 fuse
> European fuse box, etc., etc., etc.  he installed backup lights out of a 65
> pontiac, drilling holes in the trunk lid.  Yikes!
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