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For the first time in more than 20 years, I’ve been able to unpack and enjoy some of my late Dads tools he used as a Field Service Engineer for Standard in the early 1920s. The commission plate thread caught my attention because in unpacking all these goodies, I came across a complete set of alpha numeric punches used on creating the plates on your cars. This particular set belonged to one of the WW2 injured servicemen who took up Sir John Blacks guaranteed employment offer in 1946. He finally retired in 1961 and Dad paid him the princely sum of five shillings (about 60 cents) for all thestamps. The man had lost both legs and one eye on D Day so was very constrained on the work he could do.
So, if anyone wants a new commission plate stamped with impressions from the punches used on the line at the factory between 1946 and 1961, let me know. I’ll need a blank plate, your car’s commission number, your return address and seven bucks in cash for the return postage.
I’ll try to upload a picture or two of the punches in their block in the next day or so. They’re very typical of the period under an intriguing lid that looks it was made out of two large food cans. I’m not planning on selling these punches.


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> On 21 Jun 2020, at 17:00, Brian Thomas <thomasb at queensu.ca> wrote:
> Thanks to all who responded to my quest for suitable commission plate rivets.  I’ll be taking Don Hiscock up on his offer to provide some.
> FYI, I’ve attached a few pics.  The first shows the TS537L’s tub being re-united with the chassis last week.  Another shows it’s commission number plate which we removed prior to painting.  The third is for those trivia buffs amongst you and shows the TR2’s commission plate beside a similar plate on our TR3 (TS10820L) – I was amazed how different they are (fonts, indents, positioning of words …). 
> … and yes, both mine are original to the cars.
> Stay well and cheers,
> Brian
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