[TR] Tr8 5 speed issue

Jim Henningsen trguy75 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 17 15:51:01 MST 2020

81 tr8 with 16 k orig miles.  Not mine but a friends.  Had been sitting a while, we just had it refreshed and now running well and safe.  The 5 speed was grinding I se one and third intermittently.  I drained fluid and replaced with pennzoil synchromesh.  Shifting a little better but still have some issues.    Clutch master and slave and hose replaced.  Clutch pedal engages near top of pedal.    Lower rpm shifts easier. Sometimes it’s fine.   Not as familiar with this tranny.  With low mileage can’t believe it something inside.  Any plastic bushes on the shift linkage that could explain.   It sure what to do, don’t want o pull tranny as the original exhaust, cats etc still installed.
Thanks in advance
Jim Henningsen
Ocala FL
61 TR3A 
62 Tr4a
75 Tr6
81 tr8

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