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The A became the 60 in around 1952 which became the 620 in around 56 which became the 630 in 58. Although there were some major changes and improvements over the years, most of the casting numbers on a 630 still retained the prefix letter “A”.


Alex Thomson


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Looks like the 620 we had at work.  (Actually, we had a brace of them).  Closed the place down, and sold them to some guy in Iowa. 

We also sold an old cotton picker.  A guy came 300 miles from Alabama with a tow bar thingy, hooked up the rear (steer axle) wheels, and towed it back 300 miles home.  In the dark.  I've often wondered how that trip went.  No worse than some adventures I've had picking up old cars, no doubt.


Jeff Scarbrough

Corrosion Acres, Ga. 


On Mon, Jan 6, 2020 at 7:03 PM Randall <TR3driver at ca.rr.com> wrote:

> It looks like some of us who have a Triumph, also have an off 
> road vehicle.

Guilty as charged, tho not quite what you meant :)

BTW, the clutch is under that round cover; pry the cover off then undo six
nuts and the whole clutch comes off in your hands.  You can reline it in an
afternoon, using just hand tools (not even a jack is required).  No clutch
slave at all; the clutch is operated by that big lever sticking up next to
the steering wheel.

I do hope to have it restored some day; but it's been slow going.  Can't
complain about parts availability, though.  Even though it was built in
1949, the dealer had a carb kit, batteries and an oil filter on the shelf.

-- Randall
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