[TR] be glad you have a triumph

Rye Livingston ryel at mac.com
Mon Jan 6 12:20:11 MST 2020

I know this is getting way off topic, but I can't help myself.  My daily driver is a 2011 Tacoma, and my wife has a 2010 4Runner.  Great trucks.

To comment on the original topic, as others have said, the clutch slave on the 4x4s I have are not the lowest hanging fruit to get mangled on a rock. That Jeep design seems pretty odd and expensive to dismantle to repair.


On January 6, 2020 at 11:12 AM, Don Hiscock <don.hiscock at gmail.com> wrote:

Indeed, Rye, the alternative to my TR3B is a Toyota product I happily take into the backcountry -- I have two "real" 4WD vehicles (defined as having a transfer case, and both Tacomas), and my most civilized vehicle is also all-wheel drive (a RX350).  Here's my 2003 Toyota Tacoma double cab.

On Mon, Jan 6, 2020 at 1:05 PM Rye Livingston <ryel at mac.com> wrote:
It looks like some of us who have a Triumph, also have an off road vehicle.

My Triumph is a 1960 TR3A, and this my very fun and unique 1982 Toyota BJ42 Land Cruiser.  It's right hand drive, diesel, 5-speed.


On January 6, 2020 at 10:01 AM, dave at ranteer.com wrote:

we just picked up an 88 jeep wrangler from an owner who only had the car a short time.  she bought it from the original owner and never even transferred the title.

she's not mechanical at all but loves off road stuff and lives waaaaay out in the country.

on an 88 wrangler the clutch slave cylinder is INSIDE the bell housing.  someone came by to supposedly fix it, tore it all apart, and never came back.  so she sold it as is, pretty cheap.  no rust, no damage, 6 cylinder engine (just like a TR6!).

we're not into jeeps at all, but my 30 year old son and his wife wanted to get it.  i think we are going to love it!

we couldn't figure out what was going on until we did the research and figured out why it was all taken apart just for a slave cylinder.

wish us luck as we move forward on it!!!

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