[TR] [6pack] TR250/TR6 fuel pumps

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 Those SU pumps had a major weakness, the points.  The points get dirty and no longer conduct current to the coil.  The modern after market pumps are electronic and have no such problem.  Plus, these new pumps have no seals or diaphragms that can cause a leak.  I've had two mechanical pumps fail on me although not the catastrophic failure where your crankcase gets filled with gasoline.  Not a possibility with an electric pump.

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 We go on a drive (400 - 600 miles) every year with a bunch of MGs,  which come electric pumps, and Triumphs. Most, if not all, MGs carry a spare electric pump that they can put in line quickly if one fails.  It hasn't happened in the last few years, but for quite a while it was normal for for at least one electric pump to go out on the drive.  There has never been a mechanical pump failure that I recall.
  I think, we have replaced the mechanical pump in my Spitfire and my wife's TR250 once each in over 30 years of owning both of them. Although, I did have to repair the one on the TR250, by staking the valve in place.
  I am happy with the mechanical ones.
  On 1/5/20 8:42 AM, DAVID MASSEY wrote:
  I've run the same electric pump on my TR6 since the 1990's and it hasn't missed a beat (no pun intended). 
  That said, I still have the original style pump on the TR3 for concours reasons.
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   Dennis, I know this issue has been thrown around since the lists started but why not convert to an electronic pump? I have been running an electronic pump on my 3 for 20 years, my 4 for 15 and my 6 for 10. Zero issues. And no oil leaks from the pump or where it attaches to the block. No worry if the cam is too warn out to operate the lever. Bob
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