[TR] Experience with Vitesse 5-speed transmission conversion?

Michael Porter mdporter at dfn.com
Thu Jan 2 16:58:30 MST 2020

On 1/2/2020 4:46 PM, Anthony Rhodes wrote:
> Hmmm. 3K rpm at 60 MPH is about what my 4th gear is on my non-OD 
> tranny.    I would have thought that the Miata 5th gear might have 
> been “direct”, like the TR’s 4th. And 6th would be some sort of 
> overdrive.
> Without having 20-30% overdrive then there is no great advantage to 
> the Miata unit!
Umm, the final drive depends upon the rear end ratio, which must be 
higher in the Miata than the TR.  In fact, the old Miata 6-speeds (circa 
`93 or so) had a quite numerically high Ist and a quite low 6th, making 
them ideal for running numerically low rear ends, if revs/mile is a concern.

This one is advertised as having a 0.814 5th gear, which would put it in 
your ballpark.



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