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Reminds me how I 'super tuned' my sisters' 63 Spitfire in the late 60s, early 70s: After installing new points ( think pts gap spec was .018) but if you set at that, they would close up ( too soon from initial breaking of points at cam contact ). So I would set at .020, and that way, after the initial wear. My sister would not get stranded while I was not available (SEAsia duty).However the final advance adjustment was turning the Lucas Wheel Advance adjustment 1/2 turn at a time till the top speed was 87mph. If the Speedo read 85 or 86, I tweeked the vernier till I got 87mph.So Randall again summarized well-' see what engine likes'!The fun days!  On my TR4, I upgraded to dual point Mallory Distributor. Inspected point gaps every month, re-adjusting to spec. Thanks for the Memories!Sherman D Taffel 65 TR4 CT50054L Columbia MD & Goldvein VAJag V12s, Jensen GTs (Lotus 907), Jensen Interceptor Convertible, Jensen MK1 RHD 383 project. Many Americans '36-2015Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S10, an AT&T 5G Evolution capable smartphone
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