[TR] Yeah Spring!

Greg Lemon grglmn at gmail.com
Sat Feb 29 11:34:10 MST 2020

I finally had some time to work on the Triumph today after a long time
spent working on the new old house we bought.  I am pretty sure the
occasional miss and rough running is fixed.

The PCV valve is a press fit into the intake manifold.  Over the fifty plus
years of use the press fit isn't so tight, and it has been coming out or
loose, resulting in a fairly major vacuum leak.

I wired it on, thought it looked janky, thought about shims or machining
for an o-ring (probably the best solution tight fit and no leaks), but not
having the equipment for making an o-ring groove, so ended up sticking a
greasy rag in the hole to catch swarf and drilling a hole for a set screw.

Functional, seems to be running much better, but the problem was
intermittent so time will tell.

Mostly just excited to have the new shop done and and time to work on the
car again.

Greg Lemon
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