[TR] R200 differential install to TR4A

Jerry Van Vlack jerryvv at roadrunner.com
Mon Jul 8 17:08:53 MDT 2019

List, I’m assembling all the parts needed to install a R200 short tail 3.69 viscous LSD from an Infinity into my TR4A. Goodparts kit will arrive tomorrow and I’m having a driveshaft shortened locally. I sourced the diff locally. I’m interested in hearing from others who have done this themselves on a TR4A or TR6 and what if any problems did you encounter? And your solutions.

Of particular interest is the use of springs between the 2 sections of the halfshafts and your experience in determining the correct length of those springs. Richard recomends them and he makes a compelling argument for their use. Also I’m aware of the diff flange having some interference with the bodywork in the tee shirt area. My frame is reinforced and I have replaced the OE rubber trailing arm bushes with solid ones.

Kindly tell me your experience. 


Jerry Van Vlack
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