[TR] Front Crank Seal

Jim Vass jimstr4 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 6 16:19:19 MST 2019

Hello Folks, I replaced the front crank seal that sits in the timing chain
It's a bit of a mission as the radiator has to be emptied and the support
in front of the motor has to be removed to get the fan extension off.
Purchased a new seal from Rimmers then had my mechanic friend insert it in
the cover.
Put it all back together and to hear a squeal, thought it was the belt so
ran the motor without it, squeal still there.
Took it apart again except left the cover on but loosened the fan
extension, squeal went away, so not the tensioner.
Put it back together, still squealed.
Took it apart again and removed the cover this time had a look and couldn't
see any problems, pushed the oil deflector back against the cog and put it
all together again.
It still squeals, it can only be the fan extension rubbing on either the
deflector or the seal.
Any thoughts as it's driving me nuts and i'm getting withdrawal symptoms
from not driving the car.

Jim and the 1962 TR4 that was off the road for years being kind of restored.
My 35th year with the car has just rolled over.
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