[TR] Lost more than just my head!

Paul Dorsey dorpaul1 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 25 13:59:40 MDT 2019

I don't know alot and my TR3 has been up on blocks outside covered up with
a tarp for about 15 years.  I think I started the motor about 5 years ago.
Its been quiet since that time; I've wanted to wait until retirement to get
it going again.  I didn't anticipate losing my drivers license, which might
affect my plans.  However, maybe the TR3's stylishness will throw off the
cops if they pull me over.

I pulled back the tarp, (I had prievously removed the bonnett), lifted the
valve cover and saw that I needed a pushrod tube as I never completed the
valve adjustment job about 5 years ago.
In doing so I also saw one of the valves stuck open! I don't remember this
happening, but I'll need to address it before continuing with the valve
adjustment. Is there any likelyhood that something like stuck open because
of a dry valve guide?  Is it essential that I pull the head?  I kinda think
it is.

Paul Dorsey  60 TR3A
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