[TR] NOS Michelin 185R15 Redline Tire (1)

William Pugh anabil007 at comcast.net
Thu Aug 22 11:31:37 MDT 2019

If  you are looking for that last item to complete your restoration I have this NOS  Michelin  185R15 Redline Tire (1)

First of all it was made on the 1st Month, 1st Day in 1991. (if my identification is correct.  (111)

It can not / should not be used as a road tire. It has been in my trunk as a spare tire since 1998, and is in pristine condition. Serving only to gain extra point (s) in Judged Concours de Elagane.

By calling it  pristine maybe stretching it a tiny bit, but it really is in great condition .  If anyone is interested let me know and I can send you pictures .

Bill Pugh
anabil007 at comcast.net

209-210-8019	mobile
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