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Fri Oct 19 23:09:06 MDT 2018

so EBay and paypal are both saying they will not stand behind their 
policies?� It's not an 'automobile' by their own definitions! It was 
misrepresented, inspected prior to sale or not!� At a minimum, you can 
tell the story to ALL and EVERY car list you can find, that will notify 
any and every type of car owner to beware of this shyster!

Hurt his business??� THAT is the purpose of feedback! Abitration is the 
only way feedback is supposed to be removeable.... yep screw ebay.... 
it's become a retail shop.� :-(


On 10/19/2018 6:03 PM, Andrew Uprichard wrote:
> Before I start the story, let me take full responsibility for my own 
> stupidity.� I screwed up.� But the follow-up is where I think others 
> need to be careful.
> Having bought a TR3 with a body which was beyond salvage, I have been 
> looking for, and was prepared to pay good money for, a decent tub.� I 
> recently saw one on eBay which was advertised as being �in good 
> condition�.� It was fairly expensive, so I emailed the seller _twice_ 
> and asked specifically about the extent of the rust:� he replied by 
> assuring me the car was �in great condition� with �minimal rust�.� I 
> asked for additional pics, but he said it was difficult as the car was 
> at a different location.
> After I bid and won, the seller emailed me to say I had to pick the 
> car up within 24 hours as he had a family commitment and would be gone 
> for a week.� The car was several hours away and I explained I couldn�t 
> make it.� He said OK, but he wanted the money immediately.� I called 
> PayPal and they said I would lose any protection if I paid before 
> seeing the car.� So I called eBay and they reassured me I was covered 
> 100% by the eBay vehicle protection plan (VPP).� So I paid.� My mistake.
> A week later I drove out and found a car with rust holes big enough to 
> put my hand through and a passenger side with so much collision damage 
> I doubt� it could ever be restored.� Oh, and the frame was bent.� I 
> told him I wasn�t going to take the car, he had misrepresented it, and 
> I wanted my money back.� He told me tough, you paid already, it�s yours.
> I came home and called eBay only to be told the VPP only applies to 
> cars less than 10 years old and that I had no recourse other than to 
> sue the seller.� After several sleepless nights I decided I could do 
> without the stress of litigation and so I drove back out to collect 
> the car.� When I got there the seller told me he had sold it to 
> someone else.� Great, I said, give me my money. Nah, he said, you take 
> it and I�ll deal with the other guy. The seller had brought a few 
> buddies over, and so I simply loaded the car up and drove home.
> Bottom line � I salvaged one replacement panel and 2 fenders, one of 
> which is fiberglass.� The car is being collected this week for a trip 
> to the scrapyard.
> It was my fault and I accept responsibility for it.� Thankfully, my 
> lovely wife has not given me grief and as a Christian I forgive the 
> guy.� But I did leave negative feedback on eBay.� The EXACT words were 
> �Total misrepresentation of the car.� Buyers beware�.� It never 
> posted.� I called eBay today and was told the seller had appealed my 
> feedback as it was �pejorative and threatened the future success of 
> his business�.� As a result eBay had the right to remove it � and they 
> did.� And they will not let me leave any negative feedback.
> I still love the Triumph community, but I am a little more cynical 
> about mankind (which is a shame) and I am disgusted with eBay.� I 
> guess I am venting, but if anyone has a good TR3 tub���
> Andrew Uprichard
> Jackson, Michigan
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