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Thanks for the story, Ed. I know just the place....


On Mon, Oct 8, 2018 at 5:27 PM Fisher, Ed <edwd at ti.com> wrote:

> Years ago I needed brushes for a convertible top motor on a 1968 Camaro.
> All that was sold was the entire motor.  I called around and around and
> finally found a place in Dallas that sold electric motors.  The guy on the
> phone said “Come on down and let’s see whatcha got there”.  I drove to a
> storefront that had never seen a window washing since about 1930 when it
> was installed, in a deep, dark part of the city.  I went inside and there
> were motors all over the place, some as big as me, and everything was
> encrusted in a layer of dust, dirt, and carbon.  When I went to the
> counter, which was buried under piles and piles of I don’t know what all,
> the guy said, “Let me take a look there pardner”.  I sheepishly removed the
> little white envelope from my shirt pocket, carefully unfolded it, and
> produced the two tiny worn brushes and he immediately started digging.  Old
> coffee cans were unearthed and shaken, papers were displaced to check
> beneath them, old drawers were open and shut, dust was flying and I
> thought, “Oh, man, there can’t be any of these in here”.  After several
> minutes he comes up for air and is holding two brushes that are pretty
> darned close, but no cigar.  I’m amazed that he even came up with them when
> he says, “Hang on there a minute till I get ‘em to fit right”.  He goes and
> files them down to the perfect little rectangular dimension and hands them
> over for me to inspect. “ Holy smokes” says I, “that’s impressive as it can
> be, how much do I owe ya?”  “Aw, I can’t charge ya for somethin’ that
> small” he says, “It’s on the house!”
> Find an old-timer with some coffee cans and a shop and you just may find
> what you are looking for and make a friend in the exchange.  Even as
> unlikely as it seems it can happen.
> Ed in Dallas.
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