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Fisher, Ed edwd at ti.com
Mon Oct 8 14:10:16 MDT 2018

Years ago I needed brushes for a convertible top motor on a 1968 Camaro.  All that was sold was the entire motor.  I called around and around and finally found a place in Dallas that sold electric motors.  The guy on the phone said "Come on down and let's see whatcha got there".  I drove to a storefront that had never seen a window washing since about 1930 when it was installed, in a deep, dark part of the city.  I went inside and there were motors all over the place, some as big as me, and everything was encrusted in a layer of dust, dirt, and carbon.  When I went to the counter, which was buried under piles and piles of I don't know what all, the guy said, "Let me take a look there pardner".  I sheepishly removed the little white envelope from my shirt pocket, carefully unfolded it, and produced the two tiny worn brushes and he immediately started digging.  Old coffee cans were unearthed and shaken, papers were displaced to check beneath them, old drawers were open and shut, dust was flying and I thought, "Oh, man, there can't be any of these in here".  After several minutes he comes up for air and is holding two brushes that are pretty darned close, but no cigar.  I'm amazed that he even came up with them when he says, "Hang on there a minute till I get 'em to fit right".  He goes and files them down to the perfect little rectangular dimension and hands them over for me to inspect. " Holy smokes" says I, "that's impressive as it can be, how much do I owe ya?"  "Aw, I can't charge ya for somethin' that small" he says, "It's on the house!"

Find an old-timer with some coffee cans and a shop and you just may find what you are looking for and make a friend in the exchange.  Even as unlikely as it seems it can happen.

Ed in Dallas.

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