[TR] Morgan/TR3 Thermostat Housing Bypass

Bill Brewer billbrewer59 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 6 16:37:11 MDT 2018

     On my 1953 Morgan +4 I installed a recirculation hose block-off where
it goes back in the water pump. I did the same thing on my TR3 a 20 years
ago based on a tip from Bob Schaller’s booklet “More BS About Triumphs”. On
the Morgan I turned down a ½“ long brass cylinder and put a 1/8” hole in the
center of it. Worked great on the TR3. It prevents unnecessary recirculation
when using a conventional thermostat instead of the sleeved type. Anyway, it
worked on the Morgan (vary similar to the TR engine) until I discovered the
fan belt was loose. I tightened the belt and bam! It blew out the gasket
between the two thermostat housings when cold. I lapped the two thermostat
housings, installed a new conventional thermostat and bam! It blew off the
bypass hose. No matter how much I tightened the hose clamp it still leaks. I
put on a new hose and it still dribbles.

     Something tells me that the water pump is pumping too hard against the
closed thermostat when the car is cold. I could spring for a $115 sleeved
thermostat from Moss, but would rather continue using a modern conventional

     Anyone else have issues like this? Any ideas?



     -Bill in Tehachapi


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