[TR] erratic carburator idle

Rochlin Robert rrochlin at comcast.net
Tue May 22 12:56:08 MDT 2018

	Thanks to all who replied with timely information to my erratic idle post. The distributer and the carburetors were rebuilt within a year of the engine rebuild.  I checked the overrun valves and they are in good shape. I tightened in the trim screws.  It does seem that these things, and blocking off the carbon canister has made a positive improvement.  I now think that the most likely remaining suspect is a vacuum leak, and that it may be a number of very small leaks that are not, individually obvious.  
	I am going to keep banging away at the problem and I’ll post my result when I finally have the problem resolved. Thanks again.

> On May 18, 2018, at 10:54 AM, Rochlin Robert <rrochlin at comcast.net> wrote:
> 	I’ve been working through, what I think is, a carburetor problem. My 72’ TR6 has a rebuilt engine with a Goodparts mild cam and compression of about 9:1. Then I start from cold the engine runs really well, but after it is throughly warmed up it gets finicky.  When I idle for a long period of time the idle will gradually decay.  Also if I stop, the engine will start right up, but idle at a very low RPM.  This poor idle improves as the engine is rum for a while. On one hand is sounds like vapor lock or at least heat effecting the carburetors, but the weather here is not hot yet and the engine seems to exhibit this behavior when the ambient temperature is in the 60’s F.   My knee jerk reaction is that I should add a carburetor heat shield, but before I did that I wanted two ask if anyone else has had this difficulty or may suggest something I’m missing. 
>   Thanks in advance.
> 	Bob

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