[TR] erratic carburator idle

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I've found 99% of running issues stem from air leakage into the carb. The
SU's seem to be particularly sensitive (or have lots of leaks!), so I
suggest spraying some WD40 or carb spray around the carb bodies and see if
there's a change in engine speed. Hope this helps!


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>         I?ve been working through, what I think is, a carburetor problem.
> My 72? TR6 has a rebuilt engine with a Goodparts mild cam and compression
> of about 9:1. Then I start from cold the engine runs really well, but after
> it is throughly warmed up it gets finicky.  When I idle for a long period
> of time the idle will gradually decay.  Also if I stop, the engine will
> start right up, but idle at a very low RPM.  This poor idle improves as the
> engine is rum for a while. On one hand is sounds like vapor lock or at
> least heat effecting the carburetors, but the weather here is not hot yet
> and the engine seems to exhibit this behavior when the ambient temperature
> is in the 60?s F.   My knee jerk reaction is that I should add a carburetor
> heat shield, but before I did that I wanted two ask if anyone else has had
> this difficulty or may suggest something I?m missing.
>    Thanks in advance.
>         Bob
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