[TR] Keeping the TR6 but selling the MGB

Brian Induni binduni at gmail.com
Fri May 18 22:12:52 MDT 2018

Hello list!
I thought the subject was must since I am actually keeping the '74 TR6 (to
be restored) but am selling the 1963 MGB (rotisserie restored and ready to
go). Sorry, I know this is a Triumph list, but I really MUST sell the MGB
and was hoping there might be some cross-over or friend of a friend who
might be interested. You can see it listed on CL in Portland, OR, if you
search for 6585337226. Link here
but I believe it will be stripped. Also view-able on the Triumph Experience
forum in CARS FOR SALE - just look for GHN3L5124.

Anyway, my wife and I are following an opportunity and moving from Portland
to San Francisco and need to get REALLY skinny. Selling the MG is a big
step in doing so. Also selling a pile of MG spares, hopefully all at once
in the sake of time. Thanks to all for the help!

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