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Mon May 21 22:42:29 MDT 2018

I agree with Randall about the numbers being off.  Make sure your volt 
meter is on DC and not AC.  A dead battery is about 10V and the max one 
should charge at is about 14.5V.  A battery charging at 48V is one that 
will go boom really fast.


On 5/21/2018 6:03 PM, nafzigerg at yahoo.com wrote:
> I got the tr-3 miss pretty well taken care of.  I think it might have 
> been bad gas from sitting all winter plus very low battery.  I also 
> took it out and gave it a good thrashing with fresh gas. LOL
> However I've checked the battery across the posts and am finding .51 
> volts.  From battery neg. post to coil + is 48. While idling the 
> alternator was charging around 19.  (just went to negative ground and 
> added alternator over the winter.
> I'm wondering if the regulator on the new alternator is working.  Will 
> the high battery voltage damage anything?  Or do I simply need to 
> watch that the battery water stays up?
> gary n.
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