[TR] patching convertible top?

Tim Gaines mtgaines at presby.edu
Tue May 22 14:58:21 MDT 2018

I got a surprise today when a brief rain forced me out of my lunch diner to put up the top. Some debris from a mouse nest flew out of a fold and there was a nasty stain. Worst of all, there were two little holes and one large one (about 1" x 2") chewed in the vinyl top (not the window). I realized that I hadn't opened the convertible top in over a year, and clearly that was a mistake what with the little inhabitants of my detached garage near the woods. I will go after the little buggers with traps and poison and maybe the black racer that joined me during a woodworking project earlier in the week. I have had snakes take up residence in the past (occasional shed skins visible in the loft), and I let them be.

My immediate goal is to get my rain protection back. Because I seldom deploy the top, I do not care much about having a pristine appearance. I am considering just trying to patch the holes (if I can first clear up the yellowed window with Plast-X). Amazon has a product (Gear Aid Jeep Soft Top Repair Kit, $21) that has much better reviews than others, but it seems to come only in black, and my top is tan. Has anyone used this or another product, and is there one in tan? I suspect I could get a shop to do the job, but I'm pretty far away from any such shop, and I don't want to have to detach the top or leave the car somewhere distant. I really have very little to lose by giving it a try. If it doesn't go well, I drive to a shop or buy a new top.


Tim Gaines
Clinton, SC
1974 TR6
1980 Spitfire

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