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perhaps milliseconds of delay at most. The volume of air space you're 
talking inside the hose is perhaps 1/5 of one cylinders travel to create 
the vacuum difference that 'might' be encountered. Only at WOT and high 
rpms might you see a delay effect


On 5/21/2018 10:44 AM, Pete Arakelian wrote:
> The question is what effect the diameter of the vacuum line for the 
> distributor�s capsules has?
> The original line between the carbs and the distributor vacuum 
> capsules is a very small diameter.� I have seen them replaced by much 
> larger diameter lines.� Would this not affect the function of the 
> capsules?� The larger line, requiring more volume of air to be removed 
> to cause the same amount of movement, would diminish the affect of the 
> vacuum applied by the carb, reducing the effectiveness of the capsules.
> Right?� Or has it been too long since my physics studies?
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