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 No noticeable effect.  If anything the vacuum modules may act more quickly with a larger line which can make the engine seem a bit twitchy when coming off of the retard.  I know a guy who actually stuck a restrictor in a line to slow it all down.  But there is unlimited vacuum available so the larger volume will not be a problem.


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The question is what effect the diameter of the vacuum line for the distributor’s capsules has?
The original line between the carbs and the distributor vacuum capsules is a very small diameter.  I have seen them replaced by much larger diameter lines.  Would this not affect the function of the capsules?  The larger line, requiringmore volume of air to be removed to cause the same amount of movement, would diminish the affect of the vacuum applied by the carb, reducing the effectiveness of the capsules.
Right?  Or has it been too long since my physics studies?
Peter Arakelian – 1971 TR6

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