[TR] Red LEDs?

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Wed May 2 13:18:37 MDT 2018

> Thank you, Geo and Randall.  I've ordered the resistors.  I take it these
> are soldered in-line between between the turn signal switch and where the
> splice is made for front and back for each, left and right, turn signals?
> Is there a favorite place to tie into?

No, they go in parallel, from the turn switch outputs to ground.

On my TR3, I made up a small bracket (that also carries the relays to give
me 3 brake lights instead of the single original brake light) and mounted it
under the dash to an existing bolt.  From there, the wires run forward to
the bullet connectors where the wires from the turn switch join the main

Note that the resistors can get rather warm.  It's probably best to locate
them away from flammable materials, like the original cotton wiring loom
cover on some cars.

-- Randall

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