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#2. You’re just putting a bandaid on a problem that will come back to bite you.  If the surfaces are clean and straight, it won’t leak, if something is warped now is a good time to fix it.  Are you sure it is the carb to mani connection and not your carb shafts?
[DT] didn’t spray near the shafts, only on the joints.  Re: bandaid- this is my thinking as well, carry a skeleton in the closet 😊 and pulling them to sealer on seems like insurance?????

#3. Did you replace the condenser?
[DT] yeap, and the coil with an older one ( seems to work but looks weak on the spark tester, new one coming ) and light sanding of oxidation from the points, which I had thought I had got before but the ohm meter was registering 5m ohms of resistance when closed.  A little light sanding and the resistance went way down when closed
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