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#2. You’re just putting a bandaid on a problem that will come back to bite you.  If the surfaces are clean and straight, it won’t leak, if something is warped now is a good time to fix it.  Are you sure it is the carb to mani connection and not your carb shafts? 

#3. Did you replace the condenser?  

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On Jul 29, 2018, at 10:12 PM, David Templeton <davidt at opentext.com> wrote:

After all that cranking are the plugs wet?  If it is sucking on the tape it should be pulling fuel. 
[DT] didn’t check the plug after being tapped, on the list now 😊
Best place to start with your carb setting is 1.5 turns(9 flats) from fully closed, that will get you running and you can adjust from there.  
[DT] ah perfect
No need for any sealant around the intake manifold or carb mounting.  If your surfaces are clean and in good shape, gaskets are all you need. 
[DT] even if they suck in starter fluif when carbs are tapped off?  They were clean when re-assembled….
Coil?  Try it but since it will run on the staring fluid it’s probably OK.  But maybe weak.  
[DT] My thought is the weaker coil.  The spark light was blinking as expected but not very strong
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