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After all that cranking are the plugs wet?  If it is sucking on the tape it should be pulling fuel. 

1. Best place to start with your carb setting is 1.5 turns(9 flats) from fully closed, that will get you running and you can adjust from there.  

2. No need for any sealant around the intake manifold or carb mounting.  If your surfaces are clean and in good shape, gaskets are all you need. 

3. Coil?  Try it but since it will run on the staring fluid it’s probably OK.  But maybe weak.  

All the best,
Bill B

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On Jul 29, 2018, at 8:13 PM, David Templeton <davidt at opentext.com> wrote:

See my report of the day’s events below 😊
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Haven't seen all the posts on this, so forgive if this is duplicative.


I've found issue in the past with a piece of grit in the float bowl needle and seat.  Might cause the fuel to starve enough to keep from starting, but not so much as to completely deprive the bowl?  

[DT] float bowls have fuel in them good levels, not too high.  I checked under the piston and it was slightly wet, ah gas…

The other thing is, can the mixture setting be off?  I think you mentioned not smelling gas, so maybe too lean?  (And I imagine you've already checked the seating of the needle valve in the piston and that the pistons go up and down smoothly).

[DT] needle is nicely centered with the expected thunk of the piston.  Now, the mixture being too lean… hold that thought for a sec…

Lastly is fuel pressure.  Might the fuel pump be sending fuel, but insufficiently? 

[DT] yeap, I have a clear fuel filter before the carbs, it is built to 1psi and it is full. 

I see others have talked about a vacuum leak and whether the head gasket might be bad. 

[DT] vacuum leak, well this is the interesting part now… I was reading about running the engine and spraying the area with starter fluif to see if there is a change in rpms.  Well I don’t have a running engine 😊  so mind running around and knowing she starts with fluif.  Taped off the carb openings, cranked the engine and carefully sprayed the head-manifold and the manifold-carb and low and behold she kicked over and ran sputtering for about 5 secs after.  Okay I have a vacuum leak in either or both connections.  Trying to isolate more was challenging.  Checked the carb bolts, which I had not replaced in the rebuild since I didn’t take it apart, but the nuts needed some tightening.  Hmmmm, ok tried the spray again and not so easy to turn over and the tape over the opening was pulsing in and out.  Hmmmm

So one of the things noticed, when I rebuilt the carbs I adjusted the mixture nut to least turns.  Well turning the mixture out she actually caught occasionally. Not enough for solid running. 

I left her like that for the night, recharging the amazing battery from the all the cranking.  Here are my thoughts at this point:

The mixture is completely off 😊  well not post-rebuild set at the very least.  Open to suggestions on best method of setting it up
I am not trusting the sealing of the head-manifold and manifold-carb joints.  I am thinking they need sealant like Permatex Ultra Copper gasket?  Thoughts, Opinions?
I am getting a new coil, just to make sure.  The one I ending up putting in is an older one. 
You've got us all curioser and curioser. 

[DT] It is sooo close 😊

Terry Smith, '59 TR3A

New Hampshire


On July 29, 2018 at 3:57 PM rpeglow <rpeglow at optonline.net> wrote:

Something  fishy here. Maybe not enough fuel in bowls. Did you disco fuel line before  carb and see fuel pumping (into container) on start try?  Bob 
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You can try ‘hand choking’ by covering the carbs while someone cranks.  If that doesn’t get fuel into the cylinders you either have a major vacuum leak, a blockage in the carb body, or zero compression. 
Bill B 

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On Jul 28, 2018, at 11:41 PM, David Templeton < davidt at opentext.com> wrote:

Hmmm, had it down in the natural position as well.  Will try that again   


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You'll not get fuel with piston up, only with it down (no vacuum across jet with piston up).  Possibly major vacuum leak otherwise?

- Tony


On 7/28/2018 10:24 PM, David Templeton wrote:





back to basics, cleaned points, replaced condenser, replaced bad coil and the video ( with a squirt of starter fluif ) catches.  But not with just fuel.  So to track down delivery problem next…


Fuel in the filter
Fuel in the float bowls
Plugs are dry when cranked, would expect them to be a little wet
Not smelling of gas either

General thoughts to look for tomorrow?  Had the butterflies and the piston up when cranking so far…….




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