[TR] brake light switch

Bob Labuz yellowtr at adelphia.net
Sat Jul 21 12:10:46 MDT 2018


I want to thank all who replied to my query.

Today I made a 2 wire harness from wire I salvaged from a 4a harness I 
acquired when I picked up my 4. The 4a harness was a disaster but I 
managed to dismantle it for other future projects. This harness will 
connect to the existing 2 wires from the switch and then up the front 
and to the new switch on the brake MC assembly.
Most of the wire is in quite good shape for over 50 years old. But I 
have to say that black tape they used under the blue harness tape was 
almost liquid in texture. We used to call this friction tape and the 
only thing we used it for was to tape the blades of our hockey sticks.

Thanks again.

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