[TR] brake light switch

Bob Labuz yellowtr at adelphia.net
Mon Jul 23 18:13:37 MDT 2018

Well I received the replacement 4a switch today but it didnt have any 
nuts! I tried Lowes, Tractor supply and then a Autozone. No luck. So 
while I was at Autozone I asked if he had a switch from a 70 Chevy. And 
he did. And with the nuts! The nuts fit on the Lucas replacement too. So 
now I have a spare!

Made a bracket and hooked it up to my harness and I now have brake 
lights!. When the switch goes in the 3 I will do the same fix.

But I am getting too old for this stuff. Although it was pretty straight 

Thanks for all your help and the member who mentioned a 70 Chevy!


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