[TR] Overheating Project

Randall tr3driver at ca.rr.com
Fri Jul 20 18:46:09 MDT 2018

Yes, pulley is two pieces. You can just leave them on the hub unless they need to be replaced. If you do remove them, be sure to get the half with the timing mark turned right.

Sorry, I don't recall the size. But it does need to be a 6 point socket, as the corners are already rounded. I usually use an impact wrench. One alternative is to position the breaker bar handle against a frame rail, and hit the starter.

Another is to remove a plug, turn that cylinder to BDC then feed most of a length of rope in through the plug hole. Then when you turn the crankshaft forward, the piston comes up against the rope and blocks the crank from turning while you loosen the bolt.
-- Randall

On 20 July 2018 17:26:38 GMT-05:00, Erkan Hassan <erkanhassan at yahoo.com> wrote:
>UPDATE:  fiancé moved in right after July 4th, so just got back to TR3.
>Got the fan, fan belt, water pump and pulley off.  Removed the bolts
>from the crankshaft pulley.
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