[TR] TR4A horn

glemon at neb.rr.com glemon at neb.rr.com
Thu Jul 12 16:27:56 MDT 2018

I have owned a TR4A for about 12 years, and currently drive a TR250 I have had about 10 years.

Once sorted out I found both cars to be quite reliable for the most part, except for the GD horns, which tend to, as already expounded upon, not reliably make noise when they are supposed to, as well as sometimes making noise when they are not supposed to.

Assuming the exhaustive list of connections has been checked and seems to be in order, the horns, or rather the horn circuit, seems to be very sensitive to the relationship of the position of the inner shaft in relation to the outer steering column.  On my TR250 if I pushed the outer column in towards the dash too far horns would go intermittent to off, if pulled out too far they would go off on their own when I turned in a somewhat random but embarrassing manner.

After many many adjustments over the years mine were still acting up, and I just unplugged them rather than be everybodies freind who honks at people at random.

Couple weeks ago I did a "one more time effort". I plugged them back in and they had apparently evolved to an always on state.  I adjusted the outer column in a little bit and son of a gun the horns are now working like they are supposed to.  I am hoping this state of affairs lasts a while. 

Lastly, yes, I replaced both inner bushes a while back thinking that was my problem, it did affect the Horn's erratic behavior, but did not eliminate it at the time.

Greg Lemon

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