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Mon Jul 9 18:57:00 MDT 2018

If you are certain that you will not be at the VTR convention in La Crosse
Wisconsin, I'm sorry to have bothered you.  Delete this message and have a
great day.  Double my apologies if you receive this more than once.

If you are even entertaining the idea of attending the convention, even if
you have not registered for the convention, stay with me for a bit.

If you have even the slightest idea that you might run in the autocross at
the convention, please reply to this message answering the following
questions.  This does not obligate you to anything.  Even if you have
registered for the convention, please answer the questions here.

Why am I doing this?  Because we would rather have too much information in
the computer than not enough, even if it is wrong.  It is easier in the
hustle and bustle of event day to delete or change info than to create it
from scratch.  If you never take any autocross runs, all of your answers
will be deleted.


What is the name of the first person who is, or would be, on the convention

What is the name of the second person who is, or would be, on the
convention entry?

What car, yours or somebody else's that you might drive in the autocross?  List
more than one if you need to.  We are only interested in Triumph or
Triumph-related cars.  Non-related cars will not run for official times,
but any volunteer workers at the autocross will be allowed to take free fun
runs in any autocross-safe car after official runs are over (weather
permitting, touch wood).

Please list model, year, color (affects visible number colors), and VTR
class you would you expect each car to be in.  VTR rules are at


(some excerpts below)


Car numbers will be based on your convention number.  When you return this
questionnaire, I will contact you with your car number.  We hope to provide
magnetic numbers for you to borrow, but be prepared with alternatives.

Tech inspection will be on Tuesday July 17 at the Radisson Hotel La Crosse
from 10:00 to 3:00.  Please don't bring car trailers into the hotel parking
lot.  Contact me for specific instructions on parking car trailers.  If
your car is not street legal, contact me about tech arrangements.

On Wednesday July 18, please be at the event site

Minnesota State College Southeast

1250 Homer Road

Winona MN 55987

for check-in between 9:00 and 9:45 AM.  Please don't be too early, as we
don't want to disturb the neighbors.  Enter from Homer Road and park
between the college buildings and the driving site.  Do not park in the lot
for Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company.  They will have you towed.

Driver's meeting will be at 10:00.


This rule has been modified under the prerogative of the autocross chair:

2.3.8. Tonneau Covers and Convertible tops – Tonneau covers must be removed
or at least not covering the area in front of the seat back. Convertible
tops may be up or down and roadster tops may be removed as allowed in
Triumph owners' manuals.

Note this rule, as there are residences within earshot of the autocross

2.5. Mufflers – Adequate mufflers are required. 'Adequate' is defined by
sound level, not the construction. Any vehicle deemed too loud by the Event
Chairman for the event may be required to add muffling or prohibited from
competition. Remember, we’re trying to be nice to the neighbors.


Open Classes:


S2 TR 2 and TR 3

S4 TR-4 of all varieties

S6 TR-250 and all TR-6

S7 TR-7

S8 TR-8

S1 Spitfire MkI – MkIII

S5 Spitfire MkIV & 1500.

SS Stag

SH Herald, Vitesse, Mayflower



M2 TR-2, 3, 4

M4 TR-250, 5, 6, GT-6

M7 TR-7 M8 TR-8

M1 Spit MkI – III M5 Spit MkIV & 1500

MS Stag

MH Heralds, Vitesse, Mayflower (a modified Mayflower!?!?)


PS Under 1.5L prepared cars. Spits mostly. Includes Spit 1500.

PM 1.5 to 2.2L Prepared Cars. GT-6, TR-2, 3, 4, 7, some sedans

PL Over 2.2L Prepared. TR-250, 5, 6, 8, Stag

PX Exotic Prepared cars. TR bodied or engined. For example, a rotary
powered Mayflower.

Other: (optional)

Under this option at 2018, only Triumph-related cars (such as
Triumph-engined TVRs) will be run for official times.   Others will be
eligible for fun runs by any autocross volunteer worker.

Ladies Classes:


L4 All 4 cylinder Triumphs

L6 All 6 cylinder Triumphs

L8 All 8 cylinder Triumphs Modified:

LM4 All modified 4 cylinder Triumphs

LM6 All modified 6 cylinder Triumphs

LM8 All modified 8 cylinder Triumphs


LPS Under 1.5L Prepared cars. Spits mostly. Includes Spit 1500.

LPM 1.5 to 2.2L Prepared cars. GT-6, TR-2, 3, 4, 7, some sedans

LPL Over 2.2L Prepared cars. TR-250, 5, 6, 8, Stag

LPX Exotic Prepared cars. TR bodied or engined.


There must be 2 cars to make up a class. If there are less than 2 cars, the
classes shall be bumped as follows:

Open Classes:

Stock: SH & SGT —-> SS —-> S7 —-> S2 —-> S4 —-> S6 —-> S8 / S1->S5

Modified: MH -> M1 -> M5 -\ \ M2 ————-> M4 —-> M8 / M7 ——–> MS-/

Prepared: PS —-> PM —-> PL & PO —-> PX

Ladies Classes:

Stock: L4 —-> L6 —-> L8

Modified: LM4 —-> LM6 —> LM8

Prepared: LPS —> LPM —> LPL —> LPX


Thanks for your patience.  Please reply with those answers.  Everyone has
more fun when as much hassle as possible is done before event day.

I hope to see your smiling face in La Crosse and Winona!

Phil Ethier West Side Saint Paul Minnesota USA
1973 Triumph Stag LE22439UBW "uncle jack", Sapphire Blue
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