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Thanks Dave,

I think I have now defined my problem a little better.  I am looking for replacement switch bezels to fit the new Lucas switches.  The bezels on the new switches look very cheap and poorly plated, the diameter of the threaded post is smaller than the original on-off switches on a TR3.  I found that Moss carries the bezels that look like the originals under part numbers 633-480 & 635-460, however these will not fit the new Lucas switches that they sell.  


I fear now that the only way to get the proper appearance will be to find an old switch in good condition and buy replacement bezels from Moss.  Of course, any other suggestions are always appreciated.


All the best,

Bill B



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Are these what you had in mind?




No doubt there are Stateside sources, too.




On Mon, Jul 9, 2018 at 8:33 PM Wbeech <wbeech at flash.net <mailto:wbeech at flash.net> > wrote:

I am in search of replacement bezels for the Push-Pull Lucas switches.  All I can find on line are the complete switch, but I just need three(3) small ones and one(1) larger one like the start button uses.  Does anyone know of a source for these?




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