[TR] Help needed - '65 spitfire

Andrew Uprichard auprichard at uprichard.net
Tue Jul 10 16:21:24 MDT 2018

List:  a neighbor just stopped by.  Apparently his father had a 1965
spitfire (what would that be, a mark III?) which was put away in the late
1980s because of a bad starter.  His dad never got round to the car and it
has sat in a garage for 30 years.  His dad recently died and he wants to
sell the car.  He asked what I thought it was worth.


If it was a TR series, I might have an idea, but I am out of my depth when
it comes to Spitfires.  Maybe they are worth more after the latest episode
of "The Incredible Dr. Pol"  (apologies to all who so not watch Dr. Pol ).


I am only telling you all what I know.  The car has sat for 30 years, is
apparently rust-free, has a little paint blistering on one fender and comes
with boxes of new parts (including an interior kit) the father had bought
tin anticipation of a restoration which never happened.


Is this a $2000 car?  $5000? Maybe more?


Any ball park would help my neighbor sell the car.  I have absolutely no
interest, financial or otherwise.


Andrew Uprichard

Jackson, Michigan

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