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Andrew Uprichard auprichard at uprichard.net
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Thank you to Randall and the 14 others who replied, including the amusing
anecdote from Michael Porter about the guy who drove 150,000 miles on tires
inflated to 90psi.....

Reminds me of my lovely wife who had an 8 year-old Toyota  Camry when we
met.  When I asked her about servicing it, she said "you don't understand:
when I bought the car I had done my research on Consumer Reports and this
was the most maintenance-free car in its class"  When I repeated my question
she replied "MAINTENANCE-FREE!!"

Turns out the car had done around 60,000 miles with the original oil!

But I digress.  Tires....   My local Discount Tire were happy to put the
2009 tires on the new wheels, but (given my tendency to drive "in a spirited
manner"), I instead sold the  tires to a local guy with a full disclaimer
and bought new.

Thanks again for the help and advice !

Andrew Uprichard
Jackson, Michigan

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> Is there a point at which "new" tires should not be used?

Yes, there definitely is a point.  Unfortunately, the actual point depends
on many variables and the tire makers can't agree on exactly where it is.

Last I heard, though, no one recommends mounting a tire that is over 7 years

>  Any issues putting them on a car?

I wouldn't put them on my Triumph.  Maybe an old beater that I didn't care
about.  But the last time I had an old tire fail suddenly, it not only
ruined the original paint but took off part of the fender as well.  The
steel belts turned into a giant replica of those "flap wheels" for removing
paint and the damage was done by the time I got pulled over.

-- Randall 
56 TR3 TS13571L once and future daily driver
71 Stag LE1473 - awaiting engine rebuild
71-2-3 Stag - awaiting gearbox rebuild 

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